Justice Involved Young Adults event 9-8-15 US AG Loretta Lynch

VIDEO: Justice Involved Young Adults

From the Live Event in DC on 9/8

A recording from the Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice event held September 8th in Washington, DC - Discussing the Future of Justice-Involved Young Adults - is now available. Watch as Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Assistant Attorney General Karol V. Mason, and an esteemed panel of leading experts - including members of the Executive Session on Community Corrections' Bruce Western and Vincent Schiraldi and the National Institute of Justice - discuss the challenges that justice-involved young adults present and significant opportunities that exist for reform... MORE 

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Social Context & Consequences
Community-Based Responses to Justice-Involved Young Adults
Schiraldi, Western, Bradner

Boston Reentry Study

Gangs, Guns, & Urban Violence
The Sources of Boston Crime Guns
Braga, Hureau

Illegal Gun Trafficking Study

Safety & Justice
Crime and Policing Revisited

Index of NPIP reports (2 pg)

Other papers from this Executive Session

The Politics of Restraint

Other papers from this Executive Session

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Rebuilding Trust: Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing (recap) 11/3

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From LA to San Salvador: Lessons from a Gang Prevention Leader (recap) 10/13

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WATCH Discussing the Future of Justice-Involved Young Adults (video) 9/8

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Indicators Development Methods Camp (video & recap)


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