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Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
Matthew Desmond’s book examines the prevalence and far-reaching consequences of eviction. He recently launched his book tour at Harvard Kennedy School.
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HKS PolicyCast

HKS Alumnus Bryan Stevenson discusses “The Criminal Injustice System”.

History & Timeline

Learn more about the history of Harvard Kennedy School.

David T. Ellwood Named Director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
Harvard Kennedy School, May 9, 2016

David T. Ellwood, Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), has been named director of the School's Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, it was announced today by HKS Dean Douglas Elmendorf. He will begin his appointment on July 1. Ellwood, who first joined the Harvard faculty in 1980, served as the eighth dean of Harvard Kennedy School from July 2004 through June 2015.


Who Is Delrawn Small? Why Some Police Shootings Get Little Attention
NPR, July 26, 2016
Questions are raised about news media coverage of black victims of police shootings.
Quoted: Khalil Gibran Muhammad

But Seriously — What Can Omarosa Really Do to Help Trump Win Black Voters?
Vox, July 25, 2016
Trump draws criticism for his campaign’s appointment of Omarosa Manigault as director of African-American outreach.
Quoted: Leah Wright Rigueur

Wages of Mariel
The Economist, July 23, 2016
Reevaluating the effects of increased Cuban immigration from the 1980 Mariel boatlift.
Cited: George Borjas

The Front Line in a Trump Immigration War: State Economies
CNBC, July 18, 2016
Assessing the economic impact on states if a mass deportation were to occur.
Cited: George Borjas

The GOP: A History of the Republican Party
Backstory, July 17, 2016
An overview of the GOP from Lincoln to Goldwater.
Interviewed: Leah Wright Rigueur

Trump Selects Indiana Governor Mike Pence as His Running Mate
KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) AirTalk, July 15, 2016
A discussion of Trump’s choice for vice president.
Interviewed: Leah Wright Rigueur

The Past and Future of the Affordable Care Act
Journal of the American Medical Association, July 11, 2016
Amitabh Chandra co-authored, with Jonathan Skinner of Dartmouth College, an analysis of the Affordable Care Act.
Also cited in the Washington Post
Harvard Kennedy School News press release

Smartphones Play a Crucial Role for Black Lives Matter
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, July 11, 2016
How social protest movements rely on smartphone technology.
Quoted: Leah Wright Rigueur

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August 31, 2016 – 5:00 to 6:00 pm
Social and Urban Policy (SUP) Open House and Ice Cream Social. Join Malcolm Wiener Center faculty and staff and celebrate the beginning of the new term!


On February 17, the Institute of Politics hosted a JFK Jr. Forum event, Addressing the Zika Virus Threat moderated by Sheila Burke.
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“Aiming Higher Together: Strategizing Better Educational Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color,” a new report by Ron Ferguson, commissioned by the Urban Institute, concerns what society can do to overcome the systemic predicament facing boys and young men of color.


A new Achievement Gap Initiative report, “The Influence of Teaching,” analyzes how components of teaching predict educational outcomes that tests do not measure, such as student engagement, success mindsets, and agency. 


Inequality and Punishment: A Turning Point for Mass Incarceration?
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, January 2016
Devah Pager and Michelle S. Phelps investigate state-level incarceration rates, examining the factors associated with the rise and decline in prison populations.